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Firstly, we hope you are safe and well. Secondly, we thank you for your support and confidence in our decision to keep a low profile throughout the initial waves of COVID-19. We have now moved the nursery to the Lower Hunter Valley, NSW, and can not wait to get restarted in 2022.

2020 was a year we will not forget. In March it was announced that D. Martin 'Gold' had won the G. Hermon Slade Australasian Hybrid trophy for 2019. While D. Jesmond Star 'Melissa' received a silver Ira Butler Trophy Certificate. Then we packed up shop and isolated. On a positive note five of our plants were granted AOC awards throughout 2020; D. Awesome 'Marilyn' HCC, Zygo. Jumpin Jack 'Chromatica' HCC, D. Amphion Algaea 'Venus Shadow' AM, D. Amphion Veil 'Charlotte' AM, and Plectochilus Scallywag 'Liam' AM.

In 2021 COVID-19 impacted us much like most small orchid nurseries. We didn't release any major catalogues or attend any major events. Further, family health events saw us take some time to focus on our family unit first and foremost. Then, we decided to move the nursery to the Lower Hunter Valley, NSW. As if border closures alone were not enough! Well, we made it through and maybe in 2022, we will have a full year to review?

In 2021 D. kingianum 'Inchfay's Snake' received an AM/AOC, while D. kingianum 'Iced Vovo Tumbi' received a HCC/AOC. Further AOC awards were granted to several of our D. striolatum, with 'Frills' AM-ACM, 'Phena's Ruffles' AM-ACM, and 'Huge' AM-ACM. While D. Oliver-Jack Freckles 'Gerard' received an ACM.

We have now been providing the highest quality Australian native orchid breeding to our loyal customer base for nine years and we would like to thank every single person who has ever purchased a seedling from us and we hope to see it flower soon. Thank you to those that continually support our endeavours and us. We have been busier than ever supporting local societies and shows, an aim that we have never lost sight of. This is the reason Down Under does and will not appear as a commercial vendor at shows and fairs, with the exception of the Wyong Springtime Orchid Show. We urge you personally to be as involved as possible in your local societies and their governing bodies, as it is these organisations that remain the bloodline of the hobby that we all enjoy.

Lastly, I wish to say if you ever have any questions about what is happening here at Down Under please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more contactable than ever through our website; and of course Facebook. So please do not hesitate to contact us throughout the year, we always love seeing pictures of plants you may have purchased from us over the years.

Take care, stay safe, remain compassionate. We can not wait to get things underway in 2022.

Happy Growing and Showing!

Grahame & Lynette Young and Callyn Farrell

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