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Studio 44 Creations

Unique and affordable plants to decorate your home or office or to give as a beautiful living gift to a special friend or loved one for a range of occasions. They also make beautiful table centre pieces for events. Miniature varieties can be made to order as take home gifts or seating places . ​These amazing varieties of terrariums and planters are easy to care for and come in various sizes and designs to choose from with a variety of plants. 

GOTO Orchids

This web site was developed in 2015 to allow you to watch George Oehm's progress in trying to grow the elusive grand champion (a journey that may take 15 years) from flask or seedling.  Along the way he will share with you the reason for purchasing a specific orchid by providing background information that may contain parent information, hybridiser's comment and other matters of interest.


The Australasian Native Orchid Society Inc. is the major organisation promoting the understanding and appreciation of orchids growing naturally in our region of the world – Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and the adjacent western Pacific.

We focus on a number of areas including conservation, research, breeding of species and hybrids, culture, shows, displays and judging, photography, learning about the Australian flora and environment, and field excursions.

Most members belong to one of our affiliated ANOS groups, but membership of ANOS Inc. itself is through subscription to The Orchadian, the quarterly ANOS journal that provides members with articles spanning all of the areas above.

Bob Bishop - NSW Distributor of Kiwi Orchid Bark

Kiwi Orchid Bark is a high quality Pinus radiata bark obtained from the renewable pine plantations of New Zealand. It is very clean, hard and long lasting, of uniform size and is dust and contaminant free. It is not treated in any way—it is raw bark. 

Mel Young Photography

I enjoy capturing those important special moments in life including school formals, maternity, newborn, children and families.

ANOS Melbourne Suburbs Group

Promoting the conservation, culture, breeding, and exhibition of orchids. Meeting dates, shows, photos, membership, and contact information. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The Orchid Society of NSW

Orchid society information, Aims, contact, and activities info. New South Wales, Australia.

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