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How I Will Remember Brian Gerhard

I first met Brian when I was just 9 years of age, such a bright soul larger than life. He knew I had a keen interest in orchids probably before I did myself. Over the coming years would develop a friendship that was both professional and personal. Brian always had such a positive outlook on life and always a good story or two to tell, he never failed to make those around him smile and laugh. Brian provided me with so much of his wisdom and knowledge over our decade together in relation to the hybridisation of Australasian native orchids and also to life in general. I remember one time I mentioned to Brian all I was achieving in the dance industry and he replied with “Some people just have all the luck don’t they! Just make sure you keep a level head Son.” As we all know Brian was a Vietnam veteran and served our country as a Qantas flight attendant before becoming a legend of Australia’s orchid history, I think this vast range of life experiences is what made Brian such a colourful character, the auctions that He ran were always so entertaining, he could always manage to sell a plant and make everyone chuckle while doing so. Brian and I would sit and munch on Phena’s scrumptious biscuits and talk about everything from orchids to politics and even when I moved to Victoria we still kept in touch via email every week and managed to both have biscuits in our possession. Even as I spoke to Brian in his last days of life he remained strong, a true fighter who’s spirit and love for his family and friends was never beaten. Brian will be missed by all who knew him I personally think it is important for us as a community to continue his aspirations in the future of orchid hybridisation.

I will never forget the amazing times that made Brian a truly inspirational individual.

As he would say himself ‘that’s all for now folks!’

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