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2809 D. Warragul ‘Deemac’ x D. speciosum ‘Herbstar’ ‘Trifid’

To our valued customers,

We wish to inform you of an issue we have encountered.

Some years ago, before we owned Down Under Native Orchids, multiple flasks were purchased from the late Brian Gerhard labelled as ‘2809 D. Warragul 'Deemac' x D. speciosum' Herbstar' 'Trifid'.

Unfortunately, we now fear that the flasks we purchased and, therefore, the seedlings we sold may not be true to label, and they may be a Den. speciosum.

Brian had made an honest mistake in mislabeling the flasks we had purchased and then sold on to you, our customers. We do not provide this information for any other reason than transparency.

I understand the confusion the above information must cause; we hope this clarifies the situation. We cannot apologise enough for marketing and selling our customers a mislabeled plant. Please reach out if you wish to receive a credit for the plant/s of this cross you purchased.

Kind regards,


Callyn Farrell

Down Under Native Orchids

"The home of Tropicool™ Dendrobiums"


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