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Dendrobium. speciosum. 'Maddison' AM/AOC-OSNSW-ANOS 2015


We purchased this seedling from John Stubbs of Riverview Orchids located in Bega, NSW in around 2008, it would have been two-three years old by this stage and potted in a 100mm pot. We believe this plant originated from the Down Under Native Orchid stables and in 2012 it flowered for the first time winning its seedling class at the Kempsey Speciosum Spectacular. At this show Ted Walmsley himself said in a few years that it would receive an AM, he was 100% correct! After being repotted and divided in late 2014 this year it really pushed along with five flower spikes this year.


This plant grows in our main growing area on the speciosum bench, underneath 55% shade cloth and in full sun all day. It is potted in 50% number 4 kiwi bark and 50% number 3 kiwi bark and as always is grown in a port-pot. We try to feed a vast array of different ferilsers every month. These include Amino-Gro, GF9, EX7, Peter’s Excel, worm juice and plant starter.

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