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Binh Ba {Den.} Tangeloats x {Den.} Aussie Victory C.Farrell (B.G)

Don't Forget {Den.} Burgundy Bride x {Den.} {speciosum} C.Farrell (B.G)

Hunter Revenge {Den.} King of Hearts x {Den.} Zip C.Farrell

Hunter Romance {Den.} Tosca x {Den.} {speciosum} C.Farrell (B.G)

Hunter Sand Dune {Den.} [{Doc.}] Tamara x {Den.} [{Doc.}] {teretifolium} C.Farrell (B.G)

Hunter Titanium {Den.} Jazz x {Den.} Kayla C.Farrell (B.G)

Hunter Venus {Den.} Cheryl's Glory x {Den.} Aussie Victory C.Farrell

Memoria Brian Abbott {Den.} Bird Cage x {Den.} Zip C.Farrell

Memoria Brian Gerhard {Den.} Saigon x {Den.} {speciosum} C.Farrell (B.G)

D. Hunter Sand Dune
D. Hunter Titanium

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