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Kiwi Orchid Bark - Product Review

We started using Kiwi Orchid Bark in 2013 throughout the entire nursery; there is not one genus we don’t or won’t grow in it. We have had many successes with this bark mainly because of its high quality. We obtain this bark from Bob Bishop (a link to his contact information is in the ‘Friends of DUNO & EO drop down) in three sizes, Numbers 2, 3 and 4. We use ‘Number 2’ for our seedlings, compots and Oncidiinae alliance. ‘Number 3’ is our all round mix that we use for all our Australian Natives, Cattleyas, Cymbidiums, Phalaenopsis etc. ‘Number 4’ is a specialty bark that we use for mainly Dendrobium. Speciosum and also some other large rooted plants. We use perlite in most of our bark mixes and occasionally we add 10mm river gravel, all of these additives seem to work well with the bark. Surprisingly enough we choose not to treat our bark, we came to this decision after learning of the heat-treatment process and also experiencing no fines in the product. The PH of this product seems more stable than any other pine bark we have used in our 20 years of growing orchids on a serious level.

We highly recommend that you give this bark a go in your collection. Its excellent quality and Bob is a great guy to deal with

P.S Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids using this bark, so it must be alright


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