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Dinema polybulbon

Dinema polybulbon


Dinema translates as di meaning two and nema meaning thread and refers to the two rather long, slender appendages at the end of the column. The single species is very often encountered in collections labeled an Encyclia or Epidendrum species. Dinema polybulbon is a diminutive plant found in fairly wet forest at higher elevations throughout Mexico, Central America and the islands of the Caribbean. This is the key to its culture.


We were given a small piece off a large plant owned by the late Eric Line about five years ago. We planted it onto a gutter-guard mount about 1/3 of the size it is now. At first the plant didn’t seem to grow much at all and it was recommended by a fellow grower that we extend the mount so that the plant had somewhere to grow. So we extended to the mount to what it is now and it has never looked back! Although this plant is fairly common in collections it is a favourite of ours because of its growth habit and massed flowering in late winter.


Our Dinema polybulbon grows in what we call our ‘species area’, which receives high light throughout the whole day; the area is covered by what is now most likely 50% shadecloth. Watering occurs once a week during winter (depending on rainfall) and 2-3 times a week during the summer months. In the nursery we use two main fertilisers; GF9 and EX7, these are very similar to Campbell’s Blue and Yellow. This plant is grown in straight number 3 Kiwi Orchid Bark which is available from the club.

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