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To our valued customers,

We wish to inform you of an issue we have encountered. Some years ago now before we owned Down Under Native Orchids multiple flasks were purchased from the late Brian Gerhard labeled as ‘Dockrillia sulphurea x self’. As many name changes to this species occurred we attempted to label them correctly. Unfortunately we have now flowered several of these plants and we wish to inform you that they are not a species at all. It seems Brian had made an honest mistake in mislabeling the flasks we had purchased and then sold on to you, our customers. While they are not Dockrillia sulphurea x self we do have a name. The cross is obviously Dendrobium Tweetie x Dockrillia sulphurea. However Dockrillia sulphurea does not exist in the world of Dendrobium and for RHS purposes has been named Dendrobium whewellii. However, after consulting Mr. Julian Shaw of the RHS Orchid Register we agree that Dendrobium whewellii best fits into the Dendrobium teretifolium complex and probably belongs best with Dendrobium calamiforme. Making the plant we sold to you as Dockrillia sulphurea x self in fact the hybrid Dendrobium Amphion Callisto (Dendrobium Tweetie x Dendrobium calamiforme). I understand more than anyone the confusion the above information must cause, we hope this clarifies the situation. We cannot apologise enough for marketing and selling our customers a mislabeled plant.

Kind regards,


CallynFarrell & Grahame and Lynette Young

Down Under NativeOrchids & Elermore Orchids


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