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Dendrobium Tweetas - a terrific trio

D. Tweetas 'Brea's Gold' HCC/ANOS - N. Lee

D. Tweetas 'Mustard' AM-AD-ACM/AOC - K. Scott

D. Tweetas 'Violet Lip' AM-AD-ACM/AOC AM/ANOS - DUNO

D. Tweetas 'Violet Lip' AM-AD-ACM/AOC AM/ANOS - DUNO

D. Tweetas 'Mustard' AM-AD-ACM/AOC - K. Scott

D. Tweetas 'Violet Lip' AM-AD-ACM/AOC AM/ANOS - DUNO

There were three plants of D. Tweetas awarded in 2016 and all were bred and purchased from Down Under Native Orchids.

There has also been two previously awarded clone of this grey 'Albie's Gift' HCC-ACC/ANOS owned by N. Lee and 'Red Lips' AM-ACM/AOC owned by the late N. Roper.

Dendrobium Tweetas (registered by DUNO, 2005) is Den. Tweetie crossed with Den. striolatum. Several different Den. Tweetas were sown by DUNO. The most outstanding results were from cross 1877 using Den. striolatum ‘Tasmanian Gold’. These hybrids had intense colour. However, as usually the case when Den. striolatum is present in the immediate gene pool, flower count was reduced, and this is something to be considered in future breeding.

Dendrobium. Tweetas ‘Violet Lip’


Dendrobium. Tweetas ‘Violet Lip’ is D. Tweetie ‘Huge’ x D. striolatum ‘Tassie Gold’ (var. Chrysantha) and was bred by the late Brian Gerhard formerly of Down Under Native Orchids. D. Tweetie is D. fuliginosum x D. convolutum, making this plant only a second generation hybrid.


This plant would have been de-flasked in around 2006 by Brian himself, making ‘Violet Lip’ around 10 years old. We obtained the plant as part of the Down Under collection in early 2015 and since then it has grown astronomically and therefore produced a spectacular display of flowers this year. This plant won Grand Champion at the Wyong Springtime Orchid show and now has been awarded by the AOC and ANOS.


Dendrobium. Tweetas ‘Violet Lip’ in what we call our ‘tunnel house’, which receives high light throughout most of the day; the area is covered by what is now most likely 50% black shadecloth. Watering occurs once a week during winter (depending on rainfall) and 2-3 times a week during the summer months. In the nursery we use two main fertilisers; GF9 and EX7, these are very similar to Campbell’s Blue and Yellow. This plant is grown in 80% number 3 Kiwi Orchid Bark which is available from the club and 20% river gravel.

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