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2017 ANOS Newcastle Shows

The ANOS Newcastle Group and its spring shows have become fixtures of the orchid growing community. Since its formation many decorated growers and hybridisers have been strong supporters of the group and its endeavours. With a strong membership, currently and a multitude of talented growers it is no wonder quality plants and displays are continually produced.

The Spring Show

The show was a great success and this was due to the many splendid entries benched by the membership. While the display of Dendrobium Speciosum was quite strong the Dendrobium hybrid and Dendrobium Section Rhizobium sections stole the show. The extremely high quality and variation within these hybrids proves that logical hybridisation can achieve wonderful results that make for an interesting spring show. The two panels of judges were kept busy as standards were high with some classes also having a high number of entries. There appeared to be a lot of discussion within both panels of judges combining when deciding on Grand and Reserve Champions. Congratulations to Callyn Farrell and Grahame Young of Down Under Native Orchids for both Grand Champion with Den. aemulum ‘Lyn’ HCC/ANOS-AOC and Reserve Champion with Den. Tweetas ‘Violet Lip’ HCC/ANOS AM/AOC. Two plants of high quality also made it to the champions table, Den. Dunokayla ‘WAP’ owned by Wayne Perrin and Den. speciosum ‘Elermore’ (var. speciosum ‘Windermere’ x var. curvicaule ‘Palmerston’) also owned by Callyn and Grahame of Down Under. Den. aemulum ‘Lyn’ HCC/ANOS-AOC interestingly is the first of this species to be awarded by ANOS and sets a new benchmark. The freshness of the flowers, along with its well-proportioned segments and size set it apart from more frequently seen examples.

The Late Spring Show

For many years this show was called the ‘Sarcochilus Show’, but as the years have gone on, an increasing number of growers are trying their hand at some of the more difficult genera. This diminutive style of plant, the genus Sarcochilus has plenty to offer and on the day captivated many admirers. The show contained predominately Sarcochilus, with the largest number of these appearing in the Sarcochilus Hybrids Section. This only goes to highlight the amount of interest hybridisers are generating amongst growers, with their array of patterns and colours. Along with the Sarcochilus hybrids, we were fortunate to have a good variety of species on display. Not great in numbers, but welcomed additions. Species such as; Sarcochilus. dilatatus, Sarc. olivaceus, Dendrobium. antenatum, Den. canaliculatum, Cymbidium canaliculatum and Phaius tankervilleae. Congratulations to Lloyd Edwards for Grand Champion with Sarcochilus Magic ‘Belgarath’ and to Carol Barnett for Reserve Champion, Champion Species and Champion Novice with Cymbidium canaliculatum ‘Mt. Moonby’.

The sales tables had orchids that rivalled the benched plants, this ensured that quality orchids were available to not only our members but also to the general public. A strong following of the general public has developed over the recent years for our shows and this would not have been possible if our members had not continued to support them by providing quality show plants, sales plants and also answering questions that people may have, so thank you for your tireless work and dedication to the group.

Thank you to Windale-Gateshead Bowling Club for providing a secure, friendly and comfortable venue for the 2017 Spring Shows.

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