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Bringing Your Flowering TROPICOOL Inside

As our Tropicools™ have an extended flowering period, or any of your flowering orchid plants you will no doubt want to bring them inside to grace your dining table or decorate your lounge room.

To obtain maximum flower life, this is what we suggest….

Use two plastic saucers, one the same size as the base of the pot containing the plant and one with the same side height but about 2 inches larger in diameter.

Place the smaller saucer upside down in the centre of the larger saucer and fill to the outer area with 20mm pebbles.

The plant can then be placed on the upturned saucer allowing water to drain completely through the bark and collect in the large saucer ensuring that the base of the pot is not in contact with any water.

This creates humidity by the rising evaporated water, and given that most orchids are epiphytic, this should be sufficient to keep the plant happy. For plants indoors you will probably have to water once a week or when all the water has evaporated.

During the winter, fires and heaters dry the atmosphere, which isn’t conducive to prolonged flower life, so we recommend a maximum of five days for a plant to be in this environment.

Try to put the plant in a room with good natural light but out of direct sunlight.

When taking plants back outside, wipe down leaves with a damp cloth or paper towel allowing them to breath and take in moisture.

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